Pink Kink

Welcome to Pink Kink, the podcast that dives into the alluring and unconventional side of kink. In a world filled with misconceptions, Princess Rara and Electro_Kahleesi are here to dismantle stereotypes and eliminate the stigma surrounding the intriguing world of kink.
Embark on a journey with our hosts as they share their personal experiences and draw from a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 28 years of both private and professional engagement in the lifestyle, exploring every facet of the spectrum.
Our podcast has transcended boundaries, reaching the top 2% globally and captivating audiences across six continents and over 155 countries. Whether you're a novice exploring kink for the first time or a seasoned practitioner, Pink Kink offers a space for growth and learning.
Expect not only valuable insights but also a guaranteed dose of laughter, as every episode turns into a lively party with Princess Rara and Electro_Kahleesi. Don't miss out on the fun—tune in to Pink Kink on your preferred podcast platform and join the celebration of all things kink

In The News – Episode 172

We return to one of our favorite series- In The News! We discuss recent articles that highlight current events impacting […]

Utilizing Mantras in D/s Dynamics

We explore the role of mantras in D/s dynamics. Discover how these positive affirmations guide behavior, reinforce values, and foster […]

Risqué Business: Japan – Episode 165

Join us as we discuss Risqué Business: Japan, a show on Netflix. The show explores Tokyo's adult entertainment scene, from bustling streets to hidden alleys. In this episode we review the show and discuss...

The Return of Reddit – Episode 163

Dive into the chaotic depths of Reddit once more as we tackle the internet’s ultimate jungle gym. Strap in for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, insight, and maybe even a few existential crises along...

The Tradwife Phenomenon – Episode 162

In this episode, we explore the resurgence of the ‘Tradwife’ lifestyle, where women embrace traditional roles in marriage and family. We’ll discuss why it’s gaining popularity, its controversies, and how it intersects with modern...

Locked and Loaded – Episode 159

In this episode, we dive into the world of chastity in BDSM. Join us as we explore how people in power exchange relationships use chastity to control desires and deepen intimacy. From the devices...

Our Anniversary Wrap-Up – Episode 156

In the final episode of our anniversary series, Part 3, we’ll be sharing more of the stories that have touched our hearts from our listeners. Plus, we’ll also open up about how creating this...