Pink Kink

There are so many myths and misconceptions about kink and we wanted to set the record straight and remove the stigma surrounding all the crazy stuff we do. Kink education is very important to both of us and is the driving force behind Pink Kink. 

Join us each week as we talk about our personal journeys in kink and help you navigate through BDSM so that you can have fun while staying safe. We will share our knowledge and experience from a combined 24 years private and professional experience in the lifestyle, on both sides of the slash, and with a wide variety of kinks.

Whether you are new to kink or an experienced kinkster, our podcast will offer opportunities to grow and learn. Plus we guarantee you lots of laughter because it's always a party when we get together. You don't want to miss a minute of the fun so look for Pink Kink on your favorite podcast app.


What We Are Thankful For 2023 – Episode 143

It’s time to once again express our gratitude for the things that have brought us happiness this year. Join us for an episode of thankfulness and laughter. Visit us at Affiliates –


Kink in the News – Episode 142

This episode is the start of a new series – Kink in the News. We have found a few articles about kink that have appeared in newspapers from different countries. We discuss these articles...

Interrogation Scenes – Episode 139

Interrogation scenes are a classic roleplay scenario in BDSM. They are an exciting way to reinforce a power dynamic or just learn more about your partner. In this episode, we discuss how to set...

Brats and SAMs – Episode 137

The labels Brats and SAMs are often used interchangeably. But are they the same thing or actually different? Listen as we debate this issue. Visit us at Affiliates – (use code PINKKINK...

The People in Our Kinky Neighborhood- Part 1

For Rara’s birthday episode, she invited the people she talks about to come on and share their thoughts and feelings about being mentioned on the podcast. Visit us at Affiliates – (use...