Who We Are

Welcome to Pink Kink, the podcast that dives into the alluring and unconventional side of kink. In a world filled with misconceptions, Princess Rara and Electro_Kahleesi are here to dismantle stereotypes and eliminate the stigma surrounding the intriguing world of kink.
Embark on a journey with our hosts as they share their personal experiences and draw from a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 28 years of both private and professional engagement in the lifestyle, exploring every facet of the spectrum.
Our podcast has transcended boundaries, reaching the top 2% globally and captivating audiences across six continents and over 155 countries. Whether you're a novice exploring kink for the first time or a seasoned practitioner, Pink Kink offers a space for growth and learning.
Expect not only valuable insights but also a guaranteed dose of laughter, as every episode turns into a lively party with Princess Rara and Electro_Kahleesi. Don't miss out on the fun—tune in to Pink Kink on your preferred podcast platform and join the celebration of all things kink
Princess Rara says Hi!
Princess Rara is an experienced and dynamic sadomasochistic switch deeply entrenched in the kink community for nearly a decade. Her fervent commitment to educating and enlightening others about the intricacies of kink led her to establish Pink Kink Podcast. As the founder of Pink Kink, Princess Rara guides kinksters through the alluring yet complex world of alternative lifestyles. 
Passionate about fostering a safe and inclusive space for exploring the diverse facets of human sexuality, Princess Rara shares her expertise at renowned events, including Dark Odyssey Winter Fire and Studio 58 Naughty Noel. Locally, she serves as a munch host, demo Top, occasional Pro Domme, and host of BDSM play parties in her private dungeon. Through her multifaceted contributions, Princess Rara is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive space and empowering individuals through knowledge, communication, and consent in the world of kink.
Electro Kahleesi says Hey You!
Dara, the Electro Kahleesi is a seasoned BDSM practitioner with 18 years of experience. As a sensual sadist, Domme, and little, she specializes in the intricate art of electro play. Affiliated with the International Violet Wand Guild for over 6 years, Dara offers private sessions and personalized lessons in the DC metro area. Whether delving into the realms of kinks and fetishes or captivating audiences with her electro play demonstrations at events, she brings a unique blend of expertise and safety to the scene.
Beyond her individual pursuits, Dara, alongside her Daddy/husband, hosts Little and Pet parties at her home, creating a welcoming space for the local kink community to explore and connect. Join her for an electrifying journey into the world of BDSM, where genuine connections and consensual exploration take center stage.