Pink Kink Institute

Building Your Perfect BDSM Scene

6/22/24 at 8 pm EST

Explore the world of crafting BDSM scenes step by step in this immersive class. From establishing trust to negotiating desires, planning, execution, and aftercare, learn essential techniques for safety, intensity, and personal growth. Join us to master each stage and foster deeper connections within the BDSM community.


Presenter Bio:

Princess Rara (she/her) is an experienced and dynamic sadomasochist and has been deeply entrenched in the kink community for nearly a decade. She is passionate about empowering individuals to advocate for themselves, regardless of their role. Recognizing the importance of education and awareness in the kink world, she founded the Pink Kink Podcast to guide kinksters through its intriguing yet intricate landscape.

Dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive space for exploring diverse facets of human sexuality, Princess Rara shares her expertise at renowned events like Dark Odyssey, Studio 58, and Black Rose. In the greater DC area, she takes on various community roles, including munch host, demonstration Top, occasional Pro Domme, and party host in her private dungeon. Through her multifaceted contributions, she aims to empower individuals to assert themselves confidently, communicate effectively, and prioritize consent in every aspect of their kink journey.