Pink Kink Institute

Understanding And Nurturing Praise Kinks

2/29/24 at 8 pm EST

Unravel the mystery behind praise kinks, understanding their origins and mechanics. Discover the importance of genuine praise in fostering deep connections. Learn practical skills to include sincere appreciation in your dynamic, creating a fulfilling and supportive partnership. This class provides valuable insights, empowering you to navigate the intricacies of praise kinks and cultivate a stronger, more enriching relationship.



Princess Rara is an experienced and dynamic sadomasochist and has been deeply entrenched in the kink community for nearly a decade. Her commitment to educating and enlightening others about the intricacies of kink led her to establish Pink Kink Podcast. As the founder of Pink Kink, she guides kinksters through the alluring yet complex world of alternative lifestyles. Passionate about fostering a safe and inclusive space for exploring the diverse facets of human sexuality, she shares her expertise with renowned events, including Dark Odyssey, Studio 58, and Black Rose. Locally, she serves as a munch host, demo Top, occasional Pro Domme, and host of BDSM play parties in her private dungeon. Through her multifaceted contributions, she is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive space and empowering individuals through knowledge, communication, and consent in the world of kink.