Pink Kink Institute

Vetting in BDSM

6/27/23 at 8 pm EST

Vetting a person is a direct and somewhat fast way to get to know if a potential partner is compatible with your kink vision. The vetting process allows people to compare wants, needs, desires, morals, limits, etc. against one another. How do you properly vet someone? In this class you will learn the best possible way to ensure your vetting process is thorough.

Presenter –

Phrygian Monk (They/Them) is a BDSM presenter and educator who is bringing diversity and a new outlook to kink education. With a 5-plus year background engaging in the kink and leather communities, Monk has decided to take the education that they have received, and pass that on to their fellow peers. With classes in subjects such as vetting, negotiation, and various forms of play, Monk hopes to connect with fellow younger kinksters and provide a space for peer learning and education. Also an activist in the kinky world, Monk uses their experiences and knowledge as a black queer individual to share about and fight for a more inclusive and safer community for all people. Having hosted and participated in various talks, discussion groups, and panels on the subject of race, racism, and how they impact the kink community, Monk hopes to see change, growth, and diversity flourish in local communities and individuals as they introspect, grow, and become active participants in fighting for a community that is for everyone.