Episode 25 – Consent

Consent. It is the foundation of BDSM. Without consent, what we do is nothing more than abuse. We discuss how best to ensure you have consent in a scene. But there are multiple ways to consent so we also talk about which ways are more effective than others.

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1 Response

  1. Aurora says:

    Well done! I appreciate your addition of praising the partner for using safe word.

    I had one scene a few years ago where I was scared my partner was going to violate my consent and use impact that i didn’t agree to. I was wrong but i realized if he did i would have just taken it because i crave to please. (yes sign of bad partner but violation of consent never happened…it was all in my head.)

    A friend of mine helped me see the light. If I safe word when i need to it will help my partner see that they can trust me to honor my limits. That’s helps keep them and me both emotionally safe.

    TLDR… safe word with no regrets.