Episode 17 – The Explosion of Kink Tok

Many kinksters began to utilize social media apps to educate and inform about a variety of standard kink concepts such as negotiations, safety and consent. Tik Tok in particular really exploded with what kinksters call Kink Tok. We have even started our own Tik Tok account – thepinkkinkpodcast. Several Kink Tok content creators have really established themselves as kink influencers and we wanted to find out how they have been able to use social media to educate and relate kink to the masses. We are very fortunate to have spoken with three amazing creators whose combined audiences total more than a quarter million followers. We discuss what it’s like to teach kink through such an unorthodox method and if they envision that this is the future of kink education even once we all emerge from our quarantines.

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