Episode 20 – Kink in Public

People in leashes in grocery stores. Kink at Pride. So much has been in the news lately about whether kink is appropriate in public and if so, how much? We discuss our thoughts on the matter, which not surprisingly, are very different. We don’t have answers but hopefully we will get a discussion started on a very hot button topic. Let us know your thoughts. Contact us through our website or through our social media accounts. Visit us at pinkkinkpodcast.com Affiliates – SireDonLeather.com (use code PINKKINK to save 10% on your order) Sponsor – www.jyiphoto.com for all your vanilla and kinky photo needs. You can also contact Jae at www.fetlife.com/iso800 Check us out on Instagram, Twitter and FetLife at pinkkinkpodcast Check us out on Tik Tok at thepinkkinkpodcast Join our Facebook group – Pink Kink Podcast Help support us at Patreon.com/Pinkkinkpodcast

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