Pink Kink

There are so many myths and misconceptions about kink and we wanted to set the record straight and remove the stigma surrounding all the crazy stuff we do. Kink education is very important to both of us and is the driving force behind Pink Kink.

Join us each week as we talk about our personal journeys in kink and help you navigate through BDSM so that you can have fun while staying safe. We will share our knowledge and experience from a combined 24 years private and professional experience in the lifestyle, on both sides of the slash, and with a wide variety of kinks.

Whether you are new to kink or an experienced kinkster, our podcast will offer opportunities to grow and learn. Plus we guarantee you lots of laughter because it’s always a party when we get together. You don’t want to miss a minute of the fun so look for Pink Kink on your favorite podcast app.

Bonus – A Shocking Teaser

When Rara turned her back to Top in an impact scene, Dara saw her opportunity to convert more kinksters to […]


Episode 17 – The Explosion of Kink Tok

Many kinksters began to utilize social media apps to educate and inform about a variety of standard kink concepts such as negotiations, safety and consent. Tik Tok in particular really exploded with what kinksters...


Episode 15 – BDSM is NOT All About Sex

Rara gets on her soapbox to discuss the assumption that BDSM is only about sex and sexual things. Hint – It’s not.  Affiliates – (use code PINKKINK to save 10% on your order)...


Bonus – A Shocking Teaser

When Rara turned her back to Top in an impact scene, Dara saw her opportunity to convert more kinksters to “TeamLightning.” This bonus episode features interviews with experienced electro participants and first time electro...


Episode 14 – Caregivers/littles

This episode is all about Caregivers and littles. This topic is near and dear to our hearts because we both identify in the little category. Caregiver/littles are very misunderstand, even within the BDSM lifestyle....


Episode 13 – Busting BDSM Myths

Whether you are a new or experienced kinkster, you have probably run into a lot of assumptions about the lifestyle. Some may be true, but there are also a lot of myths. In this...


Episode 12 – FemDomme

FemDomme, or Female Dominance, refers to a BDSM scene or relationship in which a female-identifying person is a dominant partner or top partner. While there are many similarities to a male dominated D/s, there...


Episode 11 – Domination/submission

Domination and submission. It’s what everybody thinks about when you think about BDSM. Many people have preconceived notions about how D/s works. They get an idea in their head of what is right and...


Bonus – A Night in a BDSM Dungeon

A rare Pink Moon has made an appearance and we couldn’t let it slip by without celebrating. Therefore we offer this special bonus episode offering a glimpse inside a private BDSM play party. Enjoy...