Pink Kink

There are so many myths and misconceptions about kink and we wanted to set the record straight and remove the stigma surrounding all the crazy stuff we do. Kink education is very important to both of us and is the driving force behind Pink Kink. 

Join us each week as we talk about our personal journeys in kink and help you navigate through BDSM so that you can have fun while staying safe. We will share our knowledge and experience from a combined 24 years private and professional experience in the lifestyle, on both sides of the slash, and with a wide variety of kinks.

Whether you are new to kink or an experienced kinkster, our podcast will offer opportunities to grow and learn. Plus we guarantee you lots of laughter because it's always a party when we get together. You don't want to miss a minute of the fun so look for Pink Kink on your favorite podcast app.


Medical Roleplay – Episode 65

Medical roleplay involving medical scenarios, procedures and practices is a very common and popular kink. We see it everywhere from the “sexy nurse” outfits to playing doctor. No experience is necessary and neither is...


Service Submission – Episode 64

A common label in the lifestyle is service sub. But what is a service sub? What does it mean to serve? Service submission is a lot more complicated than people realize. We discuss exactly...


BDSM and the Law – Episode 63

Millions of adults participate in consensual, mutually agreed upon kink. But is any of what we do actually legal? Can you consent to a beating or whipping? This is a very serious subject so...


Honorifics – Episode 61

Honorifics are an important part of many people’s identity and relationship. But when it comes to honorifics in the lifestyle, there are as many different possibilities as there are opinions on when and how...


Switches – Episode 60

Dara and Rara both identify as switches. But as with everything else, their switch personas are different. That is because switching is a spectrum and there are a multitude of ways to incorporate switching...


Breeding, Pregnancy and More – Episode 59

You probably have heard about breeding fetishes but did you know about pregnancy fetishes? Or lactation fetishes? Have you heard about hucows? We cover the whole spectrum of these often misunderstood fetishes. — Send...


Ethical Bratting – Episode 58

Within BDSM, the label brat has become associated with being rebellious, an antagonist, refusing, whining and many other negative stereotypes. But the reality is that bratting is actually a spectrum ranging from sassy to...



You probably have heard about BDSM collars. But what exactly are they, what do they mean and why do people wear them? Are they like pet collars? We answer all these questions and more....