Asexuality and Kink with Evie Lupine – Episode 102

Being asexual and kinky seems like an oxymoron. But it really isn’t if you think about it and more and more asexuals are discovering the fun of kink. We were lucky enough to have Evie Lupine join us to talk about why the kink community appeals to many asexuals and answer our questions on what being asexual means.

Evie Lupine is an asexual kink educator and YouTuber that first began her journey into the lifestyle about 7 years ago. In that time, she’s been a 24/7 collared submissive, a pet player, a bondage freak, and an occasional sadist. Her passion for learning as well as her diverse interests within kink naturally led her in the direction of helping others with their own discovery processes. She focuses on supporting folks developing happier, healthier relationships while separating the fantasy from the reality of doing BDSM everyday.

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