Episode 43 – Breath Play

WARNINGAny activity which constricts or blocks a person’s air or blood flow comes with risk, and can never be 100 percent safe. There’s always a chance of something going wrong, and anyone who takes part in this kind of play needs to be aware of this prior to engaging. DO NOT try anything involving breath play without being aware of the risks involved. This is not something to be done lightly, it requires extensive knowledge of human anatomy and significant self-control to even consider the prospect. There are ways to mitigate some of this risk and keep people safer – but it’s important to state right up front that it’s never zero risk.

This episode is intended to help people understand the risks involved in breath play, as well as understand some common harm-minimization techniques/strategies if you do decide to engage in this type of play.

Pink Kink Podcast is not encouraging this type of play. The discussion and advice provided are for educational and harm-minimization purposes only.

Breath play and choking have become very popular in mainstream media. Even within the kink community, a hand around the throat has become symbolic with Domination and submission. But breath play is probably one of the most dangerous kinks, you are literally controlling a person’s ability to breath. We felt it important to talk about the risks involved in such a dangerous activity, so we brought in an expert on the subject.

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