Episode 10 – Red Flags

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, especially within the BDSM community, you need to be aware of signs of […]

Episode 9 – Aftercare

Aftercare is, very simply, the time you and your partner take after play time to recover and also to see […]

Episode 8 – BDSM Negotiations

Negotiation is a cornerstone of successful BDSM play. It is the process of working out what each of you enthusiastically […]

Episode 6 – Munches

You need to go to a munch. That’s almost always the first piece of advice given to someone when they […]

Episode 4 – Kinky Scenes

Scenes. A common BDSM term. But what kind of scenes? What sorts of kinky fun can you get into? Listen […]

Episode 3 – BDSM Terminology Part 2

We continue discussing common terms used in the BDSM lifestyle. Check out our social media accounts: Pinkkinkpodcast at Instagram, Twitter […]