Category: Education


Episode 17 – The Explosion of Kink Tok

Many kinksters began to utilize social media apps to educate and inform about a variety of standard kink concepts such as negotiations, safety and consent. Tik Tok in particular really exploded with what kinksters...


Episode 15 – BDSM is NOT All About Sex

Rara gets on her soapbox to discuss the assumption that BDSM is only about sex and sexual things. Hint – It’s not.  Affiliates – (use code PINKKINK to save 10% on your order)...


Episode 13 – Busting BDSM Myths

Whether you are a new or experienced kinkster, you have probably run into a lot of assumptions about the lifestyle. Some may be true, but there are also a lot of myths. In this...


Episode 12 – FemDomme

FemDomme, or Female Dominance, refers to a BDSM scene or relationship in which a female-identifying person is a dominant partner or top partner. While there are many similarities to a male dominated D/s, there...


Episode 11 – Domination/submission

Domination and submission. It’s what everybody thinks about when you think about BDSM. Many people have preconceived notions about how D/s works. They get an idea in their head of what is right and...


Episode 10 – Red Flags

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, especially within the BDSM community, you need to be aware of signs of unhealthy behavior. Of course, these red flags can appear in any kind of relationship–but...


Episode 9 – Aftercare

Aftercare is, very simply, the time you and your partner take after play time to recover and also to see to each other’s emotional and physical needs. It is doing whatever those participating in...


Episode 8 – BDSM Negotiations

Negotiation is a cornerstone of successful BDSM play. It is the process of working out what each of you enthusiastically agrees to do or to avoid when you play together. Negotiation can be fun...


Episode 4 – Kinky Scenes

Scenes. A common BDSM term. But what kind of scenes? What sorts of kinky fun can you get into? Listen and learn about a wide variety of scenes that many kinksters enjoy.